Questions frequently asked about courses

Where do they take place?
During the course of the day we visit various places, woodland, river bank, salt marsh, seashore etc all within approximately a 10 mile radius of Canterbury in Kent.

How long does it take to get there from central London?
1 hour on the high speed train from St Pancreas Station; 1hr 20-25 minutes on slower trains; approx 1 1/2 hour if driving; 4-5 hours if cycling, 20+ hours if walking.

Do I need to be very fit to take part?
A general average to good level of fitness is required. Having said that, I have had a number of people that dont quite meet this ideal and it has still been fine. There is no really sustained walking as there are constant pauses to collect or talk about individual plants.

When is the best time to come?
This is quite hard to answer. If we must talk numbers then there are a few more plants to see in April and May. However, if you are particularly interested in finding out what's available in early spring then March is the month for you. Similarly if you specifically want to know what's around in late autumn/early winter then late November and December courses would be your best choice. On all courses no matter what the date there is far far more available than we can see/find in one day. As a very general rule spring courses (April-May) are best for salad greens and leafy vegetables and roots; summer (Late May - August) are best for seaweeds; September courses are best for fruits, seeds, berries; and autumn courses (Oct-November) are best for fungi. Nevertheless, on all course we will nearly always encounter seaweeds and fungi.

A 12-13 hour course sounds very long to me, I'm not sure I want to do such a long day?
In my experience and the experience of countless course participants, the time really flies by. There is so much to see and do that on one level it will seem like about 5 hours, then when you reflect on what you have learned it will seem like 2 days.

I'm a raw vegan, will I get much from this course?
Indeed. Most diets can be catered for. On all courses I do cook fish in the evening, but alternatives are available.

How much does the course cost?
For the full 12-13 day it costs £165 per person or £150 per person if booking for two people. 10am-4pm fungi forays are £100 per person.

Do I need to take notes or take pictures with my camera?
You are free to take notes and pictures. Although I send out considerable post-course information to include photoes of all we have seen (if possible) that includes links to further information, it can be useful, of course, to take your own notes and pictures of individual plants in the order that we find them.

Can I bring my dog, it's only very small and wont be a problem?
Generally, unless the dog fits in your pocket the answer is no as there is no room. However, on each course I take 6 people paying full price in my car (we need to travel between the different habitats), then there is a further option for two more people to attend at a £20 discount each if you bring your own can. If that is the case then, sure, bring the dog as well.

Can you recommend a place to stay the night before/after the course?
Yes, see information sent with your initial enquery.